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I'm going to assume that you have a text frame for each date in your calendar, and that all you need to update is the number of the day.At this point, all you need is a paragraph in each Story (non-threaded text frame) containing at least a single blank space with that Paragraph Style.Text variables in In Design provide a way for you to insert text that can change depending on various factors, such as times, dates, and page references.Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner discuss them here in this excerpt from their book.When it comes to screen type, leading is usually referred to as When it comes to leading there’s no “one size fits all.” Tight leading increases the density of the type and gives it authority.But if you go too tight, your type looks claustrophobic and the descenders of one line collide with the ascenders of the next. But if it’s too loose, the lines of type look like individual strips rather than cohesive paragraphs and the type is made less readable.Text variables come in a variety of flavors, and are subject to a variety of limitations.

I have a situation where I need to have an auto date fill in when a person, using the digital signature field, digitally signs the document.A text variable is the definition of the variable itself; a text variable instance is the marker in the text that inserts the content of the text variable.It’s entirely possible to have a text variable in a document for which no text variable instance exists in the layout (though there’s really no reason to).This is especially true if the leading value is greater than the size of the space between the paragraphs.Leading is measured in points from one baseline to the next.Select the first and last months you want for your calendar from the drop-down menus.